Screening Service


Talents are the most valuable resource for us. A professional pre-screening test process builds our large, high-quality talent pool. We ensure to provide the most suitable persons for open roles. We designed various pre-screening sessions. The pre-screening test is divided into two big categories: pre-technical screening and reference(background) check. 

The pre-screening test is designed to testing candidates’ hands-on experiences and skills. These questions are based on specific job descriptions. We also check relevant certificates and awards to evaluate candidates. 

Our test is not designed to ask a couple of questions and expect similar answers from all candidates. We pride in our screening test, which blends every requirement and need of the clients with careful observations of the prospective employee’s response. 

Talentech’s pre-screening process goal is to create an interaction during which the job seekers are extremely motivated and engaged in effective communication with our recruiting team. 

Additionally, we help clients resolve reference check processes. We have a professional reference check sheet for candidates to fill out. Candidates need to provide reference list, answer the questions that we designed regarding background and employment credits check, etc. 

Apart from pre-screening test, we provide a normal background check by our professional background screening partner. 

The services include: 

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Identity Checks
  • Verifications
  • Drug & Health Screening
  • I-9 & E-Verify
  • Candidate Experience
  • Extended Workforce Screening
  • Executive Intelligence
  • Additional Services
  • Global Screening
  • Driving records

All aspects of this multi-component investigation of candidates are to ensure that our clients hire the right person.

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