Business Management Analyst


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • As a professional Business Management Analyst, the candidate will join our business operations and management department, conduct business/projects studies and performance evaluations;  use statistical methods to collect, manage and interpret business data that assists and supports our management and marketing team with decision making, policy formulation and other managerial function on the company’s consulting projects and related services. 
  • Apply the principles of operation management and information systems across a wide range of disciplines, including operations, sales/marketing, human resources, administration and finance, to define problems, identify performance measures, and perform root cause analysis to identify alternatives and recommendations to improve business performance measures
  • Use accounting and financial methodologies to prepare and analyze financial report as related to financial analysis (i.e. forecast, profit-and-loss and expenses), provide financial-related strategy and budget variance, and to assist the company’s business operating more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Prepare documents and diagrams/charts to illustrate and describe company business operations, performance review, financial condition, and present findings and recommendations for implementation of procedures or organizational changes. 
  • Create reporting tools to simplify company’s financial and operational objectives, compile financial data and prepare projection reports, forecasting models to assist on the company’s project proposals and pricing decision by obtaining and verifying key financial data and expense reports. Research and analyze factors that contribute or reduce profitability, assess risks and benefits, including the internal risks like business model, cost efficiency, operational procedures, financial management, and external risks like market volatility, market competitors, macroeconomic.  
  • Perform risk assessment in relation to returns, including project budget planning process analysis and investment plan analysis, to identify the major negative consequences for the deficient management of operations. 


At least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Management, Business Administration or close related fields, with extensive knowledge of enterprise operations management including marketing and human resources management, and financial and project management, etc.

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